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Thursday, October 15, 2009

h/ if I rewind time I wish I could took the pain away/ so u could live @ least thur today and to see what's going with everybody, everyone faded away. I
would die/ now everynight when I sleep in the bed I always cry/ asking god why he called you/ I think he need friend, a buddy or someone to be cool wit
p and I'm not even mad/ you made me believe that I/ you love me like I love niya/ since you left I been fighting the fire/ in the mind, I never thought u
r got to say goodbye/ now I'm having thoughts about dying/ just to see you one more day/ I would the impossible just to see you today/ god called you u
sports anything for me to achive/ u been the best thing that ever happen to me/ and I wish your death would never ever happen to see/ I'm mad that I neve
Hello dad, I never thought that you would be gone/ now I'm going outta control and things is wrong/ I rememeber everything u did for me/ from school to

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Charles Hamilton dropped from Interscope?????

As of september 19th the Harlem MC was dropped from Interscope and his debut album "This Perfect Life" is not coming out (crying). What the hell is wrong with Interscope? One of the people i work with said that Sonic is at rehab or he died or he doing something stupid. Hamilton was considered to me the rookie of the year (cause of that xxl's top 10 freshmen) but now since him, mickey factz and blu havent came out or dropped from their label (Mickey was on Jay's Roc Nation for an while) It looks like Kid Cudi, Asher Roth or Wale is in the running. Cory Gunz and Currensy are still unsigned, Ace Hood is wack etc etc. Charles if u out there u gotta do more songs man.