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Friday, July 24, 2009

Nike 1/2 Cent in august

Why did i missed the 1st ones????????? Well Black match with everything. The Nike 1/2 cent Black/Sliver are coming in August so i'll get them just for the hell of it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This bundle of joy is my daughter(yes!!!!) . OMG i still cant believe this baby is mine. When i heard that i was gonna be a dad i was so nervous and scared. But when she came i have a few goals in life to do for myself and daughter. Aniyah Lucille Peterson is my 1st (and last) baby i will ever have!!!! Aniyah was named by her mother and my gf Stephanie, the middle name Lucille was picked by me and niya was named after her great grandmother, and the last name wasn't easy cause she looked like a peterson before she was born. Born on March 6 2009 (or what i call it 3,6,09) Aniyah was the best thing to happen to me especially @ a young age, my mind is set to do bigger and better things. and aniyah might become a sneakerhead like her poppa? Time will tell--Mikey McDream

Dream's Favorite Air Jordans

No not the singer dream. I choosed Dream as my nickname cause sky's the limit for me. it was actually the street dream cause of young jeezy's shirt he worn years ago but gotta realized that it wasn't the style for me. Anyways since im a sneaker nut i gotta give the world my top 10 jordans that i like, love, or want.

10. Air Jordan 9s (White/Carolina Blue)
- Any type of blue is my favortive color.

9. Air Jordan 12s ("Playoffs" Black/white and red)
- i love dark colors lol

8. Air Jordan 11s ("Concords" White/Black)
- I only have 2 pairs of the 11s (space jams from big bro and CDP from December) so i need 3

7. Air Jordan 6s ("Olympics" White/Blue/Red)
- I hated the 6s that came out last year. I hated it with a passion. When i saw the one that came in 2000, i just wanted to get them sooooo badly.

6. Air Jordan 17s
- When MJ went to the wizards and saw those sneakers, the way it looked made me loved it.

5. Air Jordan 8 ("Bugs Bunnys" White/Black/Grey/Blue)
-The 8s was my 1st jordans so gotta get those.

4. Air Jordan 13 (White/Black/Red)
I saw them when Denzel rocked them in He Got Game. Denzel is like the MJ of Acting

3. Air Jordan 7 (Hare Jordan " White/Multi-Color)
- i wanted to kill my girlfriend for ruining my chance in getting those sneakers.

2. Air Jordan 3 (White/Cement)
- OMG when i saw MJ jumped to make that dunk @ the SD Contest i felt that i can do that if i brought those
and the #1 sneakers issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
1. Air Jordan 6s (White/Caminaes)
-didnt get the name right but idc. OMG I NEED THOSE IN MY LIFE

Shout out to my Cuz Marc!!!!!!

1st Day.....well night on the blog.

Never in my life i would have blog on the internet. Anyways 1st night on the blog, so allow me to introduce myself. Mykiel's the name, Sneakers are my game. i been a sneaker nut since 8th, 9th grade. Didn't start collecting til the 11th grade ( i know im behind for all the heads out there). Now my 1st pair was some low top air jordan 8s from 03. i thought jordans was cool and i wanted to look cool in them so i stole a bunch of sneakers from my brother just to wear them (i wear a 9.5/10 and he wears a 11/11.5) Now @ 20 got almost 40 pairs and i refused to stop buying them. This Blog is gonna be like the willy wonka of the mind of Mikey McDream.