Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My opinion on "The Hottest Rapper in the Game"

Look MTV, just because you air hip-hop doesnt mean you have the rights to claim who's good and who's bad. They doing this list again and yes i will pull a Joe Budden fit on this because they be putting rappers that wack on the list. Lil Wayne #1? how thats possible and Lupe Fiasco was #8? Look i dont own any tv channels but i know when i see whos a good rapper in the game today and i saw the list MTV has so im gonna use that list!!!!

10-Lil Wayne (Because of that BS Rock album)
9- Young Jezzy( Hes good, im not gonna lie but it is what it is)
8-Drake (The Degressi Star is good on the mic but hes too much like kanye)
7-Nas (if illmatic was out in 09 he would been #1 but hes still the best rapper in Queens)
6-Jim Jones (The harlem bred rapper is ok, more pop than rapper but marketable)
5-Rick Ross( 50 may kill him when it comes to reality but ross got that lyicism in him)
4- Joe Budden( From Mood Muzik 3 to Slaughterhouse, Joey Jumpoff was the underground verison of Jay and Eminem. Def Jam did the worst thing in kicking him off!! His next album is due in October so if he do a "illmatic" like on it he will be hip-hop's 1st best free agent)
3-Kid Cudi- (i had to put budden in 4 cause he's crazy with the wu-tang thing and joe budden tv. Cudi is compared to Kanye and Andre 3000 and his album is good and sounds like ye. Cudi is gonna be a big star unless Mickey Factz, Charles Hamilton and or Wale comes out)
2-Jay-Z( the Blueprint 3 is nuts.)
1-Eminem (em is finally back!!!!!!! i been waiting for his album to come out since 07 and he hasnt change (besides his voice) i wish i could put him and jay at 1 but i couldnt

Honorable Mentions
Lupe Fiasco
The Game
Glasses Malone
Crooked I
Royce da 5'9
Joell Ortiz
Asher Roth

Update-MTV started the list and check out the top 5 on sunday october 4th i think during diddy's show starmaker(fake ass making the band)

10-Raekwon (OBCL2 was good)
9-50 cent
8-Fabolous (Finally!!!!)
7-Young Jezzy
6-Gucci Mane?????????(How gucci mane even in this list?)
5-Rick Ross
4-Lil Wanye(?????????)
3-Kanye West
2-Drake(not this high!!!!)
1-Jay-z (Blueprint 3 was poppin)

So im 1 out of 5 as of right now. If joe budden doesnt make the list then i will not watch MTV lmfao

The Kanye/ Taylor Swift Beef

I came home from a hard day work, turn to the VMA and checked on my facebook and my people went crazy about Kanye West. At first i thought he was gonna go on stage and cry like a big baby like he does all the time when he loses but he became from a big baby to a shit starter. I dont know Taylor Swift that much but congrads on the award but if MTV and the fans believed that she should had won and not Beyonce then so be it. Beyonce got oscars, grammys, VMA awards, the chick is like this generation's Tina Turner/Diana Ross so its not like she asked Kanye to go on stage to act like that. Kanye was pissy drunk at the awards too! go check the pictures, Nigga got a bottle and stuff. Kanye hasnt been this nuts since...........after his mother died. And i know if she was alive today, she would been beating his ass on live tv. Man if i did that and say what Yezzy said, my whole damn family would took me off the stage and beat my rich ass.

And the Lil Mama thing? Aint the chick supposed to be studying in college? the hell you gonna take Hov's spotlight? Thats like bringing a knite to a gun fight. Jay needs to settle his "little brother" down and say that was ridculous.

Am i feeling right or wrong?

Well every relationship doesnt have a fairy tale ending (if you naive to believe that). Me and my girl was and still are going thur situtions that we both cant handle. End of august, start of september led me to confusion and headaches about either leaving her or stickin with her. True we both have aniyah but i was annoyed by her because she assumed and expects the wrong things about me. Then quoted that i am a typical "Black Slave" to my mother but who wouldnt do anything and everything for the person who raised you for years and years? We trying to work things out but im feeling about leaving her, date someone else but still be with aniyah. Aniyah is the best thing to happend to me since my father passed and now my goals is straight and my mind is set. But am i wrong leaving my girl because of the bullshit we was going thur? am i wrong for doing what i did? was she wrong for using me to release all the stress and pain by hitting me? Im stuck between being right and wrong and i cant tell her for real that i love her or anything else.