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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Slaughterhouse's Album Review

August 11 was the day hip-hop received "the breath of fresh air" it needed since 2006. Slaughterhouse had me hooked since they did a song on Joe Budden's album halfway house. Man, i woke up early before i had to work, rushed to the computer and downloaded all the songs (including the skits) so i can listened to over and over before i worked. i like everyone especially Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. Royce da 5'9 was nuts and Joey to me put Mood Muzik and Padded Room into his verses. After that day i was hearing rumors about another album from slaughterhouse is coming out next year and i was excited. i aint gonna lie i was too excited. I compare them to Wu-Tang (Joey needs to let that Raekwon shit go. I like Rae, i like cuban link and im gonna get cuban link 2 but this wu-tang/slaughterhouse beef needs to end cause its just getting out of hand. Joey was making his opinion and this is America, free speech and all that.) and the 4 horsemen. My favorite songs are Cuckoo and Microphone. i loved Cuckoo cause it brings that crazy inside me as well the artists. I rememeber i was about to break up with my gf (aniyah's mother) and Joey wrote that he would hung his baby mother from a 30 foot balcony and look over the body and said bitch shouldnt had doubted me. i kept saying that til i made up. Microphone was Joell Ortiz's hit. Ortiz was just nuts. Joell(Big Pun), Royce(B.I.G), Crooked I (2PAC) and Joe Budden (Eminem/Jay) are this generation's hip-hop stars and we need more artists (not rappers) to do something like this. No more swag surffin, souja boy or all that other south bs. They put me into the slaughterhouse and now i'm livin there and paying rent lolz

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