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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Kanye/ Taylor Swift Beef

I came home from a hard day work, turn to the VMA and checked on my facebook and my people went crazy about Kanye West. At first i thought he was gonna go on stage and cry like a big baby like he does all the time when he loses but he became from a big baby to a shit starter. I dont know Taylor Swift that much but congrads on the award but if MTV and the fans believed that she should had won and not Beyonce then so be it. Beyonce got oscars, grammys, VMA awards, the chick is like this generation's Tina Turner/Diana Ross so its not like she asked Kanye to go on stage to act like that. Kanye was pissy drunk at the awards too! go check the pictures, Nigga got a bottle and stuff. Kanye hasnt been this nuts since...........after his mother died. And i know if she was alive today, she would been beating his ass on live tv. Man if i did that and say what Yezzy said, my whole damn family would took me off the stage and beat my rich ass.

And the Lil Mama thing? Aint the chick supposed to be studying in college? the hell you gonna take Hov's spotlight? Thats like bringing a knite to a gun fight. Jay needs to settle his "little brother" down and say that was ridculous.

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