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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Am i feeling right or wrong?

Well every relationship doesnt have a fairy tale ending (if you naive to believe that). Me and my girl was and still are going thur situtions that we both cant handle. End of august, start of september led me to confusion and headaches about either leaving her or stickin with her. True we both have aniyah but i was annoyed by her because she assumed and expects the wrong things about me. Then quoted that i am a typical "Black Slave" to my mother but who wouldnt do anything and everything for the person who raised you for years and years? We trying to work things out but im feeling about leaving her, date someone else but still be with aniyah. Aniyah is the best thing to happend to me since my father passed and now my goals is straight and my mind is set. But am i wrong leaving my girl because of the bullshit we was going thur? am i wrong for doing what i did? was she wrong for using me to release all the stress and pain by hitting me? Im stuck between being right and wrong and i cant tell her for real that i love her or anything else.

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