Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm back!!!

Sorry about for not bloggin, I been rippin n runnin everywhere in the damn city. If i aint home, i'm working, schoolin or raisin my daughter. As for Hip-Hop I'm hearing rumors about Charles Hamilton is coming back to do some more music (Thank you !!!!) Joe Budden and Tahiry r thur and she's with 50 and everything. For Hamilton, im happy for his return cause alot of people think hes wack but his lyrics are dumb crazy. He's like the black eminem cause he said anything and make a damn hit (Hamilton's return...nice artwork) Budden i consider one of this generation's best rappers but losing tahiry was like a good/bad thing cause love is strong than anything and come on man she's cute lol. Wale's album came out and I'm not a fan. My buddies like him cause of his swag but he cant rap for shit. and xxl consider him as Black Thought/Kanye West. He more like a poor man Kanye. Im hearing that my new favortive rap group Slaughterhouse(Buddens, Joell Ortiz, Royce 5'9 and Crooked I) are in talks to sign to Eminem's label Shady Records. That would be a good investment for em cause even he knows that the supergroup is talented. Budden, crooked and royce made eps and Royce's album Street Hop is out i heard Warriors ft slaughterhouse and i cant believe that labels like Def Jam, Jive etc aint listening to them. I also heard that Crooked and Ortiz's albums are coming out in 2010 and I'm dumb excited. Ortiz is crazy on the mic and Crooked is making me like west coast rappers.

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