Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009's top sneakers

Well it's almost Christmas time, so thats mean for the sneakerheads to get the hottest holiday gift. This year are the Air Jordan 11s Space Jams. I managed to get the fire red 5s in 06 and the 11/12 package in 2008. 3 out of 4 aint bad. 2009 is gonna end soon too so to end this im gonna give yall my top sneakers of 09s.

10. The Air Jordan 5s Toro Boro Package
- I didnt get them but i love the 5s, i really thought those red 5s was butt ugly but i grew into them.
9. Air Jordan 12s Nubuck
-I got those in a heartbeat. i love blue, blue is my favorite color and i like the 12s so im good.
8. Bo Jackson retros
- I can get them still but, i have to get something to rock with them. i wasnt a big fan on them but i'll cop cause their Bo Jacksons
7. Air Jordan 7s Packages
-The Raptors are back......i was gonna get them but I had to think about my daughter and classes. The White 7s was ok
6. Air Force 1 premiums
- I have 2 AF1 Premiums and love them so much that I'm into AF1
5. Air Jordan 1s Package
- The red 1s are crazy.
4. Every 1/2 cent release
-I want the blue, black and sliver pairs with a passion.
3. Air Jordan 12s flu games
- I love a classic but hate that the Jordan Brand tryed to F up a classic. Its like changing the man's accomplishes
2. Air Jordan 12 white and red
-YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! I waited for years for these to get thoses and they all almost in my hand
1. Air Jordan 11s Space Jams
-Who wouldnt get these?

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