Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy New Year and shit........been busy as hell. About to get my assocate degree, then I'm gonna take a spring/summer break and worry about making money, collecting sneakers and watching my daughter making me happy. Thats what I been missing. Just stopping and smelling the roses. Anyways, 2010 is good for me. Just turned 21 and already been drinking. As for the kick game, Aniyah has her 1st Jordans and I havent brought a pair since the end of 09. The copper Foams was gonna be the 1st one but I was too late. Valentines day is such a fuck up to me and sneakerheads who have girls who force to break up with them if they get a certain kick. Music i wasnt hearing alot but I been listening to alot of Joe Budden's new songs. Downfall made me feel like shit as a boyfriend, Money's on me made me more determined to be the best and Hate Me is to slient my haters and I been doing that for years. I cant wait til The Great Escape to come out. Joell Ortiz's album is finally coming out. The Free Agent sounds like he's gonna take 2010. I got his mixtape he released in December and I swear I ever thought Joell was gonna go this hard. If he does this on his mixtapes and slaughterhouse, I cant wait til the Free Agent. I heard Jay Electornia or whatever his name recently and I really respect the man. He's the 1st south rapper I liked since Luda, and Scarface. Exhibit C is fire and I dont know why he's not making albums. He sounds like Nas but raps like Pharoahe Monch mix with Mos Def and Common. I never thought I would like a south rapper but he's actually good. Drake is aight. I respect the man for the rapping. He sounds like Kanye mix with Lil Wayne. I have one question, who in the hell is Benzino? Benzino sounds like some fake gangster who just mad @ rappers mostly Em, Royce, Crooked and Budden cause either or their race, or they refuse to do his poor magazine. 2010 I'm expecting to get Budden, Ortiz's albums, Slaughterhouse's 2nd albums, Jay Electornia's songs, Eminem's Relapse 2 and more to find out......gotta go still pissed off about NOT getting the foams

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