Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Hip-Hop Albums of 09

Ok, MTV F-Up my Hottest rapper thing back in the fall. So I gotta do my own Best hip hop albums.

10-Asher Roth- Asleep in the White Aisle.
Best Songs: La Da Di, I Love College
- Asher's debut album may not be like the Eminem like but it's good to see lyriclism and party in a album.

9. Wale- Attention:Decfict
Best Songs: Chillin and World Tour
-I'm not a Wale fan. But people loves his album

8. Kid Cudi- The Man on the Moon
Best Songs: Soundtrack 2 my life, Up,Up and Away, Heart of a Lion
- Cudder's album was good. Soundtrack 2 my life helped me get thur alot of things i'm dealing with right now and I'm not alone.

7. Royce da 5'9-Street Hop
Best Songs: Warriors ft Slaugherhouse
- Nickel is good, I'm a fan but I wasnt impressed with street hop

6. Jadakiss-The Last Kiss
Best Songs: What If ft Nas, Who's real
-Kiss was good on his Def Jam debut, Top 5 dead or Alive better be good in 2010

5. Joe Budden-Padded Room
Best Songs: Blood on the Wall, Pray for me
- Joe was good on his album. Love the album especailly the song where he's dissing Prodigy

Best Songs: 3AM, We Made You and Bagpipes to Bagdad
-Em was lacking on his return in Hip Hop. Relase 2 better have him dissing Lil Wayne, Canibus and Benzino.

3. Slaughterhouse- Self Title
Best Songs: The One, Cuckoo, Microphone and Onslaught 2
-Joell, Joe, Crooked and Royce did something what Wayne, Souja boy or tap dancing rapper cant do...........Make sense in music

2. 50 Cent- Before I Self Destruct
Best Songs: Baby by Me and Do you think about me
-50 came back with his lyrical ways again and he can sink or swim with this

1. Jay-Z- Blueprint 3
Best Songs: Empire State of Mind
Jiggy is back! Empire State of Mind helped bring a world series back to NYC, and makes it popular.

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