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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This bundle of joy is my daughter(yes!!!!) . OMG i still cant believe this baby is mine. When i heard that i was gonna be a dad i was so nervous and scared. But when she came i have a few goals in life to do for myself and daughter. Aniyah Lucille Peterson is my 1st (and last) baby i will ever have!!!! Aniyah was named by her mother and my gf Stephanie, the middle name Lucille was picked by me and niya was named after her great grandmother, and the last name wasn't easy cause she looked like a peterson before she was born. Born on March 6 2009 (or what i call it 3,6,09) Aniyah was the best thing to happen to me especially @ a young age, my mind is set to do bigger and better things. and aniyah might become a sneakerhead like her poppa? Time will tell--Mikey McDream

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