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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1st Day.....well night on the blog.

Never in my life i would have blog on the internet. Anyways 1st night on the blog, so allow me to introduce myself. Mykiel's the name, Sneakers are my game. i been a sneaker nut since 8th, 9th grade. Didn't start collecting til the 11th grade ( i know im behind for all the heads out there). Now my 1st pair was some low top air jordan 8s from 03. i thought jordans was cool and i wanted to look cool in them so i stole a bunch of sneakers from my brother just to wear them (i wear a 9.5/10 and he wears a 11/11.5) Now @ 20 got almost 40 pairs and i refused to stop buying them. This Blog is gonna be like the willy wonka of the mind of Mikey McDream.

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