Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top Kicks of 2010

Well I ended 09 with the Space Jams (which i got on Christmas eve after ordering them on the 23rd) So 2010 are gonna be a good year for kicks. I know by fact that I'm getting 2, 3 pairs of kicks from my list
10- Nike Foampostive (Dirty Copper)-February 2010
- Most likely I'm getting these because I need more foams in my life. I missed the purple ones in 09 and the Royal Blue in 07 so I gotta break that streak
9-Air Jordan 2s- January 2010
- If there only gonna be 1 release of the 2s I will hold on to them.
8-Air Jordan 9s- Spring 2010
-Finally I get to see a day where the 9s are retroed. The carolina 9s are making its retro debut so I'm copping them.
7-Nike Air Griffey Max 1 (Grey/blue)-TBA
- I'm calling them the McFlys because it reminds me of the movie. If they come out, I will get them
6-Nike Air Diamond Tuff-TBA
OMG I never saw them til today. I might cop but i'll see
5-Air Jordan 6s-January 2010
- Good time for my birthday, 1st time I'm trying to get a pair of 6s since the package from 08 (Thanks to wifey) I wasnt successful.
4.The Slam Dunk Package (air jordan 2s and 3s)-TBA
- I was waiting for these since 08, Cements 3s omg that would turn heads in my block.....shit I'm turning heads already.
3.Air Max 90 Infereds-Spring 2010
- I'm not a fan of air max 90s but Infereds are the ish
2. Air Max 95s- Spring 2010
- The originals colorways are coming.
1. Anything Nike would make

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